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Diamond Painting Supplies

Magnifying Glasses F...


You love Diamond Painting but your weak eyesight stops you from doing so???We are here to help you with this issue. You can use our magnifying glasses just like you wear other glasses. It will make things clearer & bigger for you that will help you to work better. Don't kill your desires. Order your..

Multiple Sized Silic...


Perfect Roller Tools to fast finish your work. You can purchase your desired roller tool out of our four available sizes. These Silicone Roller Tools are easy to use & help to press the uneven diamonds on the canvas. This magical tool gives a perfect professional finishing to your diamond painting...

Plastic Roller Tool ...


This roller is the answer to your troubles about having a disobedient canvas that just won’t lay down. This is also for you if you find that the drills come off the painting if proper pressure is not applied to them afterwards. The smooth design of the roller makes it easy to use on the drills witho..

Pocket Style Small B...


With the help of these pocket style small bags, you can easily store your mandatory diamond painting tools at one place. Now you don't have to worry about storing your wax, tray, tweezers or diamond applicator tool as you can store them all at one place. It's up to you either you purchase the only b..

Portable Led Magnify...


The best tool to work on you Diamond Painting Kit in a low lighted area. This Magnifying glass with LED Light will help you work efficiently on your diamond painting kit even at night. It will light up your canvas & make it bigger & clearer to help you work better on it...

Scraper Tool to Adju...


All of us have gone through the struggle of getting our drills to stick in the right place. While a pair of tweezers may help adjust a single drill into place, the overall boundary of the canvas can sometimes be out of alignment due to the drills not sticking in place. This tool makes it easy to arr..

Set of 10 Diamond Pa...


Do you find the ordinary plastic trays provided with diamond painting kits small???You're on the right place. You can purchase a set of diamond painting drill trays with a larger capacity. Now you can pour out different colored diamonds in different trays simultaneously to work efficiently. No need ..

Soft Silicone Grips ...


A great tool to get rid of tired fingertips after working on Diamond Painting Kits. These Soft Silicone Grips are really helpful to give support to your fingers. Purchase these easy grips, apply them on your Diamond Applicator Tool & work as a Pro without getting your fingers tired...

Sponge Covers For Di...


Do your fingers get cramped every time you paint with diamond for more than a few minutes? Happens to the best of us. Which is where this sponge cover comes in. This sponge will give your fingers a rest from holding on to the pen tightly for a long time, and relax your muscles.   ..

Square & Round Diamo...


 Amp up your diamond painting kits by adding this beautiful diamond painting pen in your collection. This pen will make it all the more fun to paint with diamonds, and make the experience ever more enjoyable. These pens come in both round and square drill options and there are 5 fun, colorful design..

Stainless Steel Cros...


These metal tweezers can make even the most stray of diamonds get onto the straight path. These tweezers can help adjust the diamonds into their place if they have gone off-target without messing up the painting, and are essential to ensure a beautiful and clean-looking diamond painting. The tweezer..

Stickers for Labelin...


Do you find it hard to label your Diamond Painting Drill Containers??Yes, you are on the right place. No need to worry about writing on the containers. You can simply order sticker sheets from our store & apply them on the containers to label them with different codes. It will help you to better sto..

Storage Box for Diam...


Did you ever face the problem in putting your all diamond painting accessories at one place??We are here to help you out in this matter. You can purchase your storage box to put your all diamond painting accessories altogether. You can also purchase a bundle offer that includes a storage box as well..

Stylish Diamond Pain...


Working on your diamond painting kit with the help of stylish diamond painting tools will help you to stand out. You can choose your desired diamond painting pen from our beautiful variety of diamond painting tools...

Ultra Slim LED Light...


This LED light pad will become your new best friend as you dive into diamond painting because it will make the whole process that much easier while giving your eyes the rest that they deserve. Its ultra-lightweight and slim design makes it easy to slip under your diamond painting canvas without ruin..

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