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Diamond Painting Supplies

13 Pieces Replaceabl...


These Replaceable Heads for Diamond Applicator Tool are quite handy to fast finish your work. You can change the pen head as per your needs to apply the same colored diamonds on the specific area of the canvas. It will save you time & make your work faster...

20 Slots Diamond Pai...


Beautiful storage box to store leftover Diamond Painting Drills. You can purchase this 20 slots storage box either in pink color or the transparent one. these containers are detachable & can be used as an individual box. But as a whole, it is a compact storage box to easily store the diamond paintin..

45 Degree Elbow Diam...


Do you find it hard & hectic to apply the diamond drills with ordinary diamond painting pen???We're offering 45° Elbow Point Drill Pen that helps to relax your wrist & prevents you from getting tired. It will help you work better & faster. The best tool to save your time & energy & ultimately giving..

5D Diamond Painting ...


This plastic roller should be a quintessential tool in diamond painting enthusiast’s kit. The roller can be used to flatten the canvas and set in the drills once the painting is finished. The small size of the tool makes it easy to store away and easy enough to work with on the canvas without worryi..

7 Colors 30/60 Bottl...


Do you want to store the leftover Diamond Painting Drills in a compact way???If you are a diamond painting lover & have a large number of leftover diamonds from your previous kits then we are here to solve your problem. You can choose your favorite colored bag out of our seven colors & as per your d..

Clear Transparent Gl...


This Clear Transparent Glue is really helpful to seal your Diamond Painting. It will make your Diamond Painting safe from dust & weather effects. Using this magical glue on your Diamond Painting will increase your painting's life...

Collapsible Silicone...


Is it hard for you to pour Diamond Painting Drills in small plastic containers??We can make this task easy by offering you Collapsible Silicone Funnel for Diamond Painting Drills. With the help of this funnel, you can easily pour & store your diamond painting drills in small containers. These funnel..

Diamond Containers &...


This container and storage box is the perfect choice to store your leftover diamond painting drills, and comes with detachable slots for easy access to each drill separately, as well as making it easy to label each slot. There are 3 sizes of 28 slots, 56 slots, and 64 slots available respectively. ..

Diamond Painting Fra...


A Complete solution to your Diamond Painting Framing Problem.Troubled with the prospect of how to protect your precious diamond painting? You need not to worry!Our diamond painting frame is especially created to tend to all your diamond painting framing issues. With its easy assembling process, it i..

Diamond Painting Glu...


Do you feel your diamonds are falling off of the canvas???Don't be worried. This is not a big deal & it happens commonly. You can tackle this issue by ordering our Diamond Painting Glue Resin Epoxy. It will help your diamonds to stick tightly to the canvas. Now forget about the fear of falling off d..

Diamond Painting Pen...


Don’t feel comfortable using your old drill picking pen? Is the old pen not picking up glue properly? These pens are a good backup to have in case of any technical difficulties with the materials provided with your diamond painting kit. These pens are easy to use and store with your diamond painting..

Diamond Painting Too...


Looking for a Storage Box to store Diamond Painting Drills??Storing your Diamond Painting Drills in an organized way is not really hard now. You can purchase this handy storage box to store your drills. If you also need Diamond Painting Tools then you can have our Storage Box with Tools. This box wi..

DIY Wooden Frames - ...


Only getting your diamond painting framed is not enough as it must look good too. After putting so much effort to make your diamond painting flawless, you must be conscious enough to choose the best frame for your diamond painting. You can choose from our fancy wooden frames as per your desires...

Double Handed Easy t...


Got your Diamond Painting Kit completed, now pick up your roller tool & evenly press the diamonds. You can purchase double-handed & easy to hold Diamond Painting Roller Tool from our store available in 4 colors. It will make your painting look professional...

Double Head Diamond ...


These Beautiful Diamond Applicator Tools with double heads are so classy. They not only look beautiful but will also help to fast finish your work by applying two diamonds at a time. These Pens also have caps on them to save them from dust & keep them safe...

Double-sided Tape fo...


Do you feel your Diamond Painting Canvas is not sticky enough???No need to worry. We can help you fix this problem. Order our double-sided diamond painting tape & cut out your desired size. Now remove the back of the wax paper & apply the paper on the canvas. Next, remove the printed size of the tap..

Elegant Diamond Stor...


Do you find ordinary Diamond Drills Storage Boxes Smaller??We are here with our stylish Diamond Painting Drills Storage Box with 84 Slots. Now you can easily store a large number of leftover diamond painting drills in this beautiful bag. You can choose your desired color out of 4 available colors on..

Essential Tools Kit ...


Looking for some extra diamond painting supplies but don’t want to splurge on a large kit? This simple diamond painting accessories kit is the perfect choice for you. It includes a drill tray, an extra drill pen, two packets of diamond painting glue, as well as a pair of stainless-steel tweezers. Bu..

Fancy Round Diamond ...


Are you a real Style Conscious???We're here to help you with this. Don't compel yourself to work with ordinary diamond painting pen as you can have this beautiful stylish diamond painting pen for yourself. Place your order right now & show your style to the world...

Fancy Wooden Frames ...


To make your Diamond Painting look more beautiful, you can purchase fancy wooden frames from our store. They will add to the beauty of your artwork. A great way to beautifully display your diamond painting in your home or at your office...

Four Colors Diamonds...


Do you find it troubling that your Diamond Painting Drills get stuck together??You can easily solve this issue by purchasing our diamond grinder. Simply open the upper lid, put your stuck diamond drills & close the lid. Now shake & twist the grinder & your diamond drills will get apart without break..

Large Capacity Plast...


Are you tired of pouring diamonds again & again in the tray provided with the kit??Yes, you can get rid of this hectic activity by purchasing our larger capacity plastic trays available in four different sizes. You can purchase your desired tray as per your needs. You can also purchase a bundle of f..

LED Light Pad Bag


Do you always feel it hard to carry your LED Light Pad with you???We can make it easy for you by offering you a beautiful protective bag for your LED Light Pad. Now don't be afraid of on-screen scratches & internal damages. Soft padding will keep your light pad protected...

LED Light Pad Holder...


A beautiful & portable LED Light Pad Stand to help you do your artwork easily. Simply place it on the table, put your light pad on it & start working. No need to hold up your Light Pad & you can easily work on your painting. It is adjustable to best fit according to your sitting posture & helps to r..

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